the details are
not the details
they make the design


Eumar defines comfort as the integration of functionality and sensuality – an essential and fundamental value that creates a unique bathroom experience and enhances everyday life.
It is a concept that goes far beyond basic convenience. For Eumar, comfort also embraces areas of “feel”, ergonomics, ease of care, purity, sustainability, safety and simplicity of use.

The starting-point of all our bathroom accessory products: using the empty space behind the wall without any additional materials and visible elements to make design seamless and neat.

we enhance the appearance of quality
and provide a sense of comfort and well-being.

Eumar is featuring a new customer experience in hand-washing procedure and presenting a bunch of innovative integrations to increase the value, aesthetic appearance and functionality to the customer bathroom.

Ambi LED lights under the front panel of the vanity.

since the bathroom is sometimes used in the middle of the night, it’s critical to provide some, but not too much light, which allow to safely maneuver around.

by adding under-cabinet lights to the underside of shelves and cabinets, this space does not only become functional, but it also makes the bathroom feel larger by reducing the dark area.

integrated towel opening in front panel​

with us you do not need to install any towel holders, which might disturb you during maneuvering around or even harm you, by pumping into them. instead, the towel opening will be integrated on the front panel of the washbasin.

Integrated hidden Kleenex tissue box

Hidden Kleenex tissue holder, which is seamlessly integrated behind the front panel of the washbasin.

You just pull the tissue from below.

Integrated toilet paper holder

Hidden toilet paper roll holder (and spare roll if needed) seamlessly integrated behind the front panel of the washbasins. 

You just pull the paper from below.

Integrated paper waste bin

Rimless paper waste bin fixed under the shelf or vanity top from below, it simply slides out when you need to empty it.

Perfect place to integrate a paper waste bin, so it is not on the floor and dramatically simplifies cleaning your bathroom.

Washbasins. Made to the size and configuration which will meet exactly your requirements

The used technology allows in each specific case to take into account the sizes and configurations of the room to where washbasin should be integrated.

The size could be made exactly to the last millimetre and according to your wishes adapted to the place with the highest accuracy.

Wall cladding for concealed toilet cistern

Wall cladding for concealed toilet cistern
is made of one piece, significantly reducing time in construction process, eliminates any possible tile joints in between, and at the end offers great play together with shower tray, both made with stone effect texture.


Eumar sanitary module Pocket offers plumbers efficient installation, means easy one-step installation without construction or finishing work. No need for expensive plasterboard installation and tiling and available in almost unlimited choice of colors and textures (subject to minimum order quantity).